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Importance of Firewall in Internet world!!!
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The world of technology is experiencing a great deal of fast developments, yet then again there are additionally a few issues identified with the security of computer devices. In this manner, a powerful arrangement arose to defeat these issues, in particular the utilization of a firewall.


Maybe, for certain individuals, obviously, have heard the word, particularly for clients of the Windows operating system. All things considered, what's fascinating about the system, isn't simply because of the symbol as a red block facade, however the capacities or benefits of the system are very unpredictable.


In this article, we will talk about somewhat more profoundly concerning firewalls and instances of their application in a computer network device. What's more, we will likewise audit a few things identified with its sorts, advantages, and how they work.


What Is Firewall


By definition, a firewall is a computer network security system equipped for ensuring against viruses, malware, spam, and different sorts of assaults. It can likewise be said that, a firewall is programming to forestall access that is considered unlawful or unapproved from a private network (private network).


Hence, the fundamental undertaking of the actual firewall is to screen and control all approaching or active admittance to network associations dependent on foreordained security rules.


Notwithstanding, there are still a few group or clients who don't know about this system and will in general disregard the security system on the computer network. Moreover, the firewall additionally has a significant part in keeping up with the security of traffic on the web network that is associated with your computer device.


Is Firewall Important?


Is it important to use a firewall? This inquiry will emerge when your device has not been essentially influenced by an infection or malware. When there is an illicit association or dubious traffic enters your computer network device, then, at that point the issue will be more convoluted and confounded.


In this way, you must keep on actuating the underlying insurance by utilizing a firewall system to keep undesirable things from occurring. The following explanation, the presence of a firewall is additionally exceptionally accommodating to stay away from the act of information burglary, abuse of data, or spillage of organization privileged insights.


Indeed, these things can be settled by carrying out a computer security system or otherwise called digital protection. One of the parts in computer security itself is to empower administrations from the firewall to remain associated consistently.


Functions Of The Firewall


There are many advantages and features that users can take advantage of to stay safe in accessing web pages. The following are some of the main functions of implementing a firewall on your device.


1. Protect Data From Hacker Attacks


First, if you frequently access the internet and do not control your traffic activity. Along these lines, the more prominent your shots at being presented to information hacking by programmers to get significant data that you have.


To have the option to keep this from occurring, then, at that point you need to consistently actuate the insurance system from the firewall so you can in any case ride the web serenely and securely.


2. Able To Block Unwanted Content


Second, the features of the firewall can also be used to block or prohibit a website content from a specific address on your computer device. In addition, you can also set any URL addresses that are not allowed to be accessed on your device


3. For Bandwidth Monitoring


Third, the firewall also serves to limit and monitor the bandwidth services that can be used. Furthermore, you can also set limits for any content in the form of images, videos, music or other entertainment. You can also determine your own content that matches your interests and desires, for example content in the business and IT fields.


4. Can Access VPN Service


The firewall also facilitates the existence of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature that functions to be able to access various access to content or websites that are blocked by the provider. This of course can increase productivity and the data sharing system that will be implemented.


5. Types Of Firewalls


There are at least four types of firewalls, including the following.


  1. Next Generation Firewall


The first type is often claimed to be a form of today's firewall . Where, for the next generation firewall, it is divided into three main features, namely checking packet details , evaluating packet sources, and determining packet identity assessment.


When viewed from the perspective of form, this type of firewall is divided into, namely hardware, software, and cloud.


  1. Packet Filtering Firewall

The second type is the packet filtering firewall, which is the most senior type than the other types. The working process of this type is by checking the system package.


The checking process carried out includes validating IP addresses, port numbers , types, and other requirements. The advantage of this type is that it is light and does not have much effect on the performance of the system.


  1. Proxy Firewall

Proxy firewalls are often also called application-level gateways that work by processing the source value of the packet and its contents. This will later appear the difference when you use a proxy firewall.


  1. Stateful Inspection Firewall

The last type is a stateful inspection firewall, where the main function is to check the packet source and open the contents of the packet. If you use this system, it can automatically increase the level of security, but can reduce the performance of your computer.


Next, enter the discussion about the benefits of implementing a firewall for network security for your computer system.

  1. Protecting Computers From Illegal Remote Access

The first benefit, can protect and prevent illegal remote access practices that can be done by a hacker. For example, the cursor of your mouse can suddenly move by itself. Of course this can happen with the aim of hacking your personal information or data.


With the protection from the firewall, this can be anticipated by applying the correct OS configuration. Also, it can disable remote desktop access control carried out by hackers on your computer device.


  1. Becoming A Safer Online Game Application

Next, for those of you who like to play online gaming , of course, it will be very worrying if while playing a malware or a message appears on the computer there is a virus. 


Therefore, with a firewall, it can prevent this from happening and can be blocked quickly and accurately.


  1. Can Block Linked Messages

On the internet also can occur various possibilities that are not desired by the user . Of course, the internet also has the opportunity to appear malware that passes through the virtual world. With a firewall , it can prevent this from spreading and having a bad impact on the health of your device.


How It Works To Protect Computer Devices

The firewall itself is divided into three methods to be able to control data traffic entering and leaving the network, including the following.


  1. Perform Package Filtering

In the method using a packet of small pieces of data which will be analyzed against a set of filters. Next, packets that have gone through the incoming filter stage will be sent to the requested system. And for the other packages will be discarded.


  1. Proxy Service

The next method approach is through a proxy , where information on the internet will be retrieved by the firewall which will then be sent to the requested system. And vice versa, so that there will be a continuous process in accordance with the applied proxy service .


  1. Carry Out A Stateful Inspection

The latter method is fairly new, where the system will compare certain key parts of the packet with a trusted information database. Where, the information from the firewall will determine the specific characteristics that will produce a reasonable match.



  • Firewall is a computer network security system to help prevent the threat of illegal access from outside connections.
  • The types of firewalls consist of, next generation, proxy, packet filtering, and stateful inspection.
  • It is very important to always maintain full computer security by using a firewall system when you access the internet and deal directly with cyberspace.

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